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    Pre-Development Design and Programming

    Acquisition due diligence
    Planning and entitlements
    Design and programming
    Finish selection and procurement
    Construction document generation and bidding
    Value engineering

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    Construction Management and Renovation

    Leonardo’s staff has experience with both ground-up and renovation construction management. We’re often engaged to provide a full or abbreviated range of services to owners looking to add value to their existing properties within this facet. Leonardo utilizes a project management cost-control structure specifically tailored to owners to accurately estimate cost, achieve schedule, and budget.

    Clients rely on Leonardo to oversee a wide variety of capital improvement projects spanning from major renovation and additions to common areas to simple unit upgrades including but not limited to the following:

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    Major Projects

    • Redeveloping unused space into a new screening room, clubhouse, indoor play area, business center and kitchenette;
    • Overhauling a rooftop amenities including BBQ, fire pit and pool cabanas
    • Upgrading fitness centers with new finishes and equipment;
    • Re-cladding high-rise foyer with marble and brass finishes; and,Re-cladding high-rise foyer with marble and brass finishes; and,Re-cladding high-rise foyer with marble and brass finishes; and,
    • Installing property signage.
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    Unit Upgrades

    • Refinishing cabinets;
    • Replacing tile counters with granite
    • Upgrading vinyl and carpet
    • Installing new appliances
    • Upgrading existing plumbing fixtures
    • Upgrading lighting packages;
    • Upgrading new window treatments
    • INstalling new mirrored wardrobe doors;
    • Asbestos and mold abatement;
    • Installing new landscaping and irrigation systems; and,
    • Upgrading laundry rooms